Eden Academy Trust

Working for Eden Academy Trust


At Eden Academy Trust, we strongly believe in constantly getting better – as a result investing heavily in CPD opportunities for staff.

As a result, Eden Academy Trust offers:


  • Full support for ECT programme.
  • Access to full range of NPQ support programmes
  • Internal, Trust-wide secondment opportunities
  • Trust Leadership Programme – identifying and nurturing our talented school leaders into leadership positions.
  • A career pathway for all staff – built around a developmental performance management programme.


Well-being and staff benefits


  • Fantastic CPD opportunities.
  • SLE/Progression opportunities.
  • A “time out” day each year for you to take at your leisure.
  • Access to teachers and/or local government pension schemes.
  • The chance to work across the trust schools.
  • Peer to peer support.
  • A trust wide PD day each year, a chance to meet your peers.
  • Salary sacrifice for childcare vouchers.
  • Access to Occupational Health Scheme including 24/7 Employee Assist Counselling for you and your family
  • Occupational sick pay.
  • Occupational maternity/paternity pay.
  • Excellent support packages for ECTs and ITT students
  • Development opportunities for all staff, teaching and non-teaching.
  • Employee Health & Wellbeing champions
  • Consideration for Flexible Working arrangements


Eden Academy Trust

Well-being Pledge 2023-24


At Eden Academy Trust, we will:

  1. Ensure all changes made within Eden Academy Trust are considerate of staff workload and well-being.
  2. Undertake termly well-being checks with staff – identifying and responding to issues as and when they arise.
  3. Continually review teacher workload, driving down unnecessary paperwork and reducing bureaucracy.
  4. Be considerate of staff well-being in the timing and level of communications, working hours and job expectations.
  5. Consider flexible working at all levels of employment.
  6. Break down the stigma around mental health – ensuring well-being and mental health are a key part of the Trust recruitment and retention strategy.
  7. Ensure CPD is provided to all staff to enable them to manage their own mental health and well-being more effectively. Offering professional support as and when required.
  8. Provide access to a range of high quality mental health and well-being resources – including trained and experienced and staff.


To enable the Trust to meet this pledge, as a Trust we will…

  • Ensure all School/Trust leaders prioritise staff mental health within their own area of the Trust.
  • Appoint a Mental Health lead in each Trust School.
  • Create a ‘Staff wellbeing and workload’ group in each school – made up of both teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Give staff the support they need / training required to take responsibility for their own and others well-being.
  • Provide support to, and give leaders access to, the resources needed to manage the well-being of the staff they lead.
  • Devise and implement a clear ‘communication policy’.
  • Give a staff a voice in decision making.
  • Drive down unnecessary workload.
  • Create an outstanding culture of behaviour within our trust Schools.
  • Support Staff to professionally develop and progress their own careers.
  • Protect school and Trust Leaders well-being and mental health.