Eden Academy Trust

Welcome from the Chair of the Trust

Welcome to Eden Academy Trust and thank you for showing an interest in our academy of schools.


Our core purpose is to ensure that our schools raise aspirations and achievement to celebrate uniqueness. I am extremely proud to be part of Eden Academy Trust which ensures high quality provision and enrichment create a unique, high-quality education for every pupil, allowing them to achieve academically and to shine as individuals.


At Eden we care. There are no excuses, no limits.


As Trustees everything we do is underpinned by our core values of excellence, compassion, equality, and inclusion, with the aim of reaching the ‘highest of ambitions’ for every child in our school community. By working together, we want to inspire our children to be successful, caring and spirited contributors to a better society.


The ethos of the Trust is collaborative and participative. Every individual school has a voice, through the Trust’s open and transparent governance, in the key decisions which affect each school. Moreover, the Trust aims to value the healthy diversity across our schools, and we actively encourage each school which decides to join the Trust to maintain and further develop its own distinctive culture and identity.

Pupils, staff, parents, governors, trustees and local communities remains at the heart of everything we do. We recognise the huge importance parents and carers play in the education of their children and work in partnership to support the ‘whole child’.

Children are more than academic results, although of course academic achievement is a priority and focus of our work, at Eden we care about each child being the best that they can be. 

At Eden we feel passionately about securing a standout education for the next generation. This drive for excellence is well recognised in all our schools.

As Chair, I shall endeavour to keep you up to date on the work of the Board of Trustees. However, if you wish to contact me directly to discuss any matters, I can be reached through any of the Trust Schools.


Gillian Slimings

Chair of Trustees