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Scooter Programme

Scooter Programme

Our brand-new programme is designed to spark engagement and promote physical activity, this is not your normal PE unit of work. We have designed a highly energetic and progressive unit of learning to challenge and engage all involved, including your staff. We provide all the equipment, including one scooter per child, helmets and safety equipment. The programme runs for one half term and all children will take part in a range of progressive activities with learning objectives and challenges each week.

We tailor the programme to any outdoor or inside space - big or small; making sure you get the best from our programme. We use a flexible approach to meet the needs of your school. We have a range of equipment available required to support the program, scooters, low level see saw ramps, launch ramps and scooters for children and staff.

What’s included?

The programme is aimed at children in year Y3/4 and Y5/6.

  • Staff upskilling of your school staff, our coach will work alongside your school staff to upskill them on the safe delivery of the Scooter programme.
  • We will leave the Scooter equipment at school so you can continue the learning.
  • Your school will have our Scooter expert delivering a 6-week unit of work.
  • The coach can work with up to three classes over the course of the morning.
  • We provide one Scooter per child, helmets, and additional safety equipment.
  • We have a range of 2- and 3-wheel scooters all with adjustable heights.
  • Short term planning to support all 6 lessons.
  • Assessment and certificates.
  • Scooter festival in Summer 2


When will the sessions take place?

The Scooter programme will run on a Wednesday AM, 9am-11.30am.

Schools will be able to select a half term for the programme to be delivered.

Cost of Programme

The cost of the programme is £450.00 for a half term block, 6-week block 9am-11.30pm.

Book now

Contact Mr Murray if you would like to book your Schools space- Jonny.murray@strantonschool.co.uk