Eden Academy Trust




My name is Shaun Marshall and I am Trust Director for Science.


Why is Science important to me?

Science is important to me because it's a subject that allows the children to understand better, the world around them, while also encouraging them to be inquisitive and ask the big questions of 'why' and 'how' things happen.


What is the Trust Vision for Science?

In science, the children at Eden Academy Trust will be empowered to become curious scientists, who question the world around them.


The curriculum will emphasise the importance of science in changing the world we live in and its importance for the world’s future prosperity. Children will be introduced to scientific terminology throughout their learning journeys, which will be regularly retrieved and built upon.


Through the delivery of high quality science lessons, the children will become competent with their understanding of the world they live in through their knowledge of biology, chemistry and physics. In doing so, the children will become reflective themselves; work scientifically to further develop their own knowledge; then take this with them into future learning.


Curriculum plan for Science