Eden Academy Trust




My name is Jonny Murray and I am Trust Director for Physical Education and School Sport. 


Why is PE and School Sports important to me?

I am passionate about PE and School Sports because of all the benefits that come from being physically active, I believe that every child deserves a positive and enjoyable experience of PE and school sport.


What is the Trusts vision for Physical Education and School Sport?

At Eden Academy Trust we value the importance of high-quality Physical Education and school sport, we understand it is vital to give every child a positive experience in a safe, challenging, and fun environment. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to lead a happy and healthy life, furthermore, pledging that all pupils will develop and grow both physically and emotionally using school sports and physical activity to achieve this.

All children leaving Eden Academy Trust will be physically literate, having a good understanding of Physical Education, knowing the importance of living an active lifestyle. Throughout the key stages our curriculum is designed to ensure that children have the opportunity to grow and develop, not only ensuring that all children are physically literate, but also to give them the opportunity to represent their school in a sporting event. 


Curriculum Plan for PE.