Eden Academy Trust




My name is Ruth Curtin and I am Trust Director for MFL.


Why is MFL so important to me?

Modern Foreign Languages are important to me because they can open so many doors for our children. The opportunity to visit other countries and be able to communicate is vital. By learning languages, children will find learning grammatical elements of English easier as they have no pre-conceived ideas about what might be right or wrong and can discover how language systems work.


What is the Trust vision for MFL?

As a Trust, we have chosen to study French as our Modern Foreign Language. 

The aim of French teaching, here at EDEN Academy Trust is to foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world. We don’t want children to just use French in School; we want them to develop a foundation (i.e. their long term memory) for learning further languages, equipping them to study, communicate and work in other countries. When children leave our schools and progress to secondary education, we aim for them to be open to learning languages and enjoy this subject.