Eden Academy Trust



As a community here at Eden Academy Trust we promise to:


  • Provide the very best learning experiences for our children
  • Provide the very best learning environments for our children to be taught in
  • Provide equal opportunity – all children who attend our schools will succeed.
  • Work together to develop the very best practice for our children to benefit from
  • Raise the expectations for our children and the wider community we serve.
  • Develop the ‘whole child’
  • Work collaboratively and holistically with partner agencies to support our pupils and their families
  • Inspire our children to achieve the very best.


Our Trust principles alongside each individual school’s values are shared and fully embedded across the curriculum and indeed communities.


We believe that all pupils have the right to a broad and balanced curriculum and be fully included in all aspects of school life. (DfE Special Educational Needs Code of Practice 2015) We provide a fully inclusive approach to supporting the needs of all pupils within a happy, secure and caring community where the achievements of all children are celebrated.


We fully embrace the four principles of inclusion in our beliefs and practice, namely that pupils are

Present,     Participating,    Achieving  and  Supported

Through shared practices, approaches and systems our communities work together to ensure the very best education opportunities and outcomes for all our pupils.

Every teacher is a teacher of SEND and every leader is a leader of SEND and together as a team we ensure every pupil is enabled to achieve their potential. As teachers we fully embrace continuous learning and this is reflected in our practice as we learn together.


All children are encouraged and given opportunity to achieve their full potential and included in social and academic life of school. We passionately believe this.

As a learning community we closely and systematically monitor progress continually strive to adapt to meet the diverse and changing needs of our pupils through collaboration and problem solving with other learners and partners. We involve and work in partnership with parents and other services for the best outcomes.  If we can do it we will !

Our work encompasses the EEF Guidance plan for Supporting SEND in mainstream schools.

  • Creating a positive and supportive environment for all pupils without exception
  • Build an ongoing, holistic understanding of pupil needs
  • Ensure all pupils have access to high quality teaching
  • Complement high quality teaching with carefully selected small group and one to one interventions.


Inclusion at Eden Academy Trust means shared understanding, shared value and shared purpose.

Leaders actively reinforce inclusive practice, expectations and support towards our shared vision.


Together we make a difference


Sue Henry

Trust Inclusion Lead