Eden Academy Trust

Early Career Teachers

Eden Academy Trust and Ambition Institute have formed a partnership to deliver the highest quality Early Career Framework programme in your region and we’re delighted to offer you the opportunity to join our network!


Who are Ambition Institute?


Ambition Institute is a charity focused on providing the best professional development to teachers in order to tackle disadvantage. We’ve attached some key materials about Ambition Institute and their Early Careers Framework programme but here are some key headlines:


  • The DfE rated Ambition Institute’s programme the best in every category
  • Their Core Induction Programme materials for the were the most downloaded
  • Mentor participants on the programme will have access to Instructional Coaching training for free
  • The programme is conducted and monitored via a bespoke and sector-leading platform, StepLab, which also enables flexibility around teacher’s time
  • They have dedicated teams to support you with onboarding, participant experience and understanding the content so you’re never alone



Already decided and want to sign up and get started?


If you’re already decided and want to join the Eden Academy Trust and Ambition Institute programme, please fill in the ECF form for your school or trust and we’ll begin the process of connecting you with our team.


We look forward to getting started and to this new era of professional development.


Kind regards,




Neil Nottingham