Eden Academy Trust

Collaborative Cluster

Eden Academy Trust Sports Hub

Eden Academy Trust values physical education and school sport; we believe that every child should have the opportunity to be happy, healthy and active every day.

The Collective Cluster is a fundamental part of Eden Academy Trust; working in partnership with nine local primary schools to help improve and develop Physical Education and School Sport. Giving pupils from EYFS to Year 6 the opportunity to take part in FUN and exciting activities, and helping children to develop a lifelong love of sport and an active lifestyle.

We are passionate about high quality Physical Education (PE) and have a team of skilled coaching professionals with many years of coaching experience, who work with over 1,100 pupils and 30 school staff each week. We work with school staff and education professionals at all levels, to equip staff with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver excellent lessons that are fun and engaging for all.

Throughout the academic year, we proudly host 23 Sporting Festivals, Tournaments and Competitions for our cluster schools. Sports events are broken down in to four groups:

Group 1 = Compete (most competitive pupils)
· Group 2 = Participate (B/C team pupils)
· Group 3 = Develop (haven't represented the school before)
· Group 4 = Engage (least engaged pupils).
This ensures that all children, no matter their ability level, have the opportunity to take part in sporting events, providing them with a positive experience in school sport.

For any further enquiries please contact our Eden Academy Trust Lead Sports Coach, Jonny Murray, at: Jonny.murray@strantonschool.co.uk who would be happy to see how you and your school can benefit from the Eden Academy Trust Sports Hub.