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Balance Bike Programme

EYFS Balance Bike Programme

Balance, coordination, and FMS are an essential part of a child’s physical development in EYFS, with that in mind we have planned an exciting and ambitious EYFS balance bike programme to support a children’s physical development. Riding a bike gives you a great sense of freedom and we believe every child should have the chance to learn how to ride safely. The programme will deliver a three-part programme to nursery and foundation stage pupils.

The three stages will include prepare 2 ride, skills 2 ride-balance and skills 2 ride-pedals. The balance bike programme will run as a 6-week block, including a skills festival at the end of the school year along with a refresher session prior to the festival.

All balance bike sessions will take place on the same day each half term and we can work with groups of up to 12 pupils at a time. We will provide balance bikes and safety equipment along with a copy of the HSB Ready Set Ride resources and we will also support you in producing a bespoke bike policy for your school. The coach delivering the programme will work with the teacher/TA to upskill them on the delivery of balance bikes.


What’s included?

  • Staff upskilling for EYFS, our coach will work alongside your EYFS staff to upskill them on the
    safe delivery of balance bikes.
  • We will leave the balance bike equipment at school so you can continue the learning.
  • Your school will have our balance bike expert delivering a 6-week unit of work.
  • The coach can work with up to five group over the course of the morning.
  • We provide balance bikes, helmets, and additional safety equipment.
  • Short term planning to support all 6 lessons.
  • Assessment and certificates.
  • Balance bike festival in Summer 2.


When will the sessions take place?

The balance bike programme will run on a Monday AM, 9am-11.30am.

Schools will be able to select a half term for the programme to be delivered.

Cost of Programme

The cost of the programme is £450.00 for a half term block, 6-week block 9am-11.30am.

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