Eden Academy Trust

Acro Programme

We are proud to launch our new and exciting Acro programme, this unit of learning will challenge all children in a fun and engaging environment. Acro is a combination of gymnastics and dance, the unit will use specialist equipment including, blocks, beams, crash mats and bars giving children the opportunity to develop new skills, improve their balance, coordination, and movement.

The unit will focus on five key areas of learning: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering and Tumbling. The programme lead will work with your school staff to deliver CPD, while delivering a 6-week progressive unit of work.

What’s included?


  • Staff upskilling of your school staff, our coach will work alongside your school staff to upskill them on the safe delivery of the Acro programme.
  • Use of specialist equipment, including, beams, blocks, bars and mats.
  • Your school will have our Acro expert delivering a 6-week unit of work.
  • The coach can work with up to three classes over the course of the morning.
  • Short term planning to support all 6 lessons.
  • Assessment and certificates.


When will the sessions take place?


The Acro programme will run on a Wednesday AM, 9am-11.30am.

Schools will be able to select a half term for the programme to be delivered.


Cost of Programme

The cost of the programme is £450.00 for a half term block, 6-week block 9am-11.30am.


Book now

Contact Mr Murray if you would like to book your Schools space -  Jonny.murray@strantonschool.co.uk