Eden Academy Trust

trust Achievement Committee


Mr Peter Ingham - Chair

Mrs Julie Thomas

Mrs Sandra Saint

Mrs Susan Macklam

Mrs Joanne Stuart



To assist the decision making of the Board of Trustees by enabling more detailed consideration to be given to the best means of fulfilling the Board of Trustee’s responsibility to ensure the quality of education and safeguarding provided to all children across the Trust is Outstanding and meets statutory responsibilities.


To make appropriate comments and recommendations on such matters to the Board of Trustees on a regular basis. Major issues will be referred to the Board of Trustees for ratification.



Frequency of Meetings:

There should be a minimum of three meetings per year.


Membership and Quorom:

At least three Trustees shall be a member of the committee.


The Chair of the committee will be elected by the committee on an annual basis at the first meeting in the autumn term. No Trustee employed at the Academy will act as Chair to the committee. In the absence of the Chair, the committee will elect a temporary replacement from among the Trustees present at the committee meeting.


The quorum is three Trustees who are members of the committee (or where greater any one third of the Trustees holding office at the date of the meeting).




The clerk of the committee will circulate an agenda for each meeting and papers at least 7 days before the committee meeting


Attendance at each committee meeting, issues discussed and recommendations for decisions will be recorded. The written record will be included on the agenda and papers of the next meeting of the Board of Trustees.


Only Trustees who are members of the committee may vote at committee meetings. Where necessary, the elected Chair of the committee may have a second or casting vote. In the event of needing to make genuinely urgent decisions between meetings on matters falling within the remit of the committee, the Chair of trustees, in consultation with the CEO and Chair of the Committee, will take appropriate action on behalf of the committee.




Main Duties:



  • to ensure that the highest possible standards of attainment and quality of education are set and maintained across Eden Academy Trust
  • to ensure and maintain a culture of safeguarding and embedding of Prevent Duty across the Trust Schools.
  • to receive a termly report from the Trust Executive Team regarding standards and performance of the Academy Trust against key performance indicators
  • to identify any areas of concern in respect of standards and performance and to implement and regularly review an action plan with the Executive Team
  • to ensure that the Academy Trust's curriculum is broad and balanced; with a clear intent and implementation strategy.
  • to scrutinise and review Academy Trust policies for recommendation to the Trust Board
  • to ensure that effective processes are in place for the quality assurance of teaching and learning, the curriculum, inclusion and the sharing of good practice across the Academy Trust
  • To ensure the special educational needs of all children across the Trust Schools are being met.
  • To monitor the provision of extra-curricular and community activity across the Trust schools.
  • to support the Chief Executive Officer in the creation, implementation and monitoring of the Academy Trust's improvement plan and any post-Ofsted action plan
  • to advise the Trust Board with respect to targets for pupil attainment and achievement across the Academy Trust
  • to ensure that effective arrangements are in place across the Academy Trust for pupil support and representation, for monitoring pupil attendance and for pupil discipline
  • to review, on a regular basis, its own performance, constitution and terms of reference to ensure it is operating at maximum effectiveness