Eden Academy Trust

Fishburn Primary School

Fishburn Primary School joined Eden Academy Trust on 1st April 2024.


Set in a semi-rural location in County Durham; at Fishburn Primary, we are proud of the sense of belonging and security that children feel when they are part of our community. We believe that children reach their potential to grow socially, morally and educationally in our warm lively and caring environment with an enriched curriculum that gives endless opportunities for all.


Fishburn School is the exciting and wonderful place it is due to our children who are our best and most effective ambassadors. Our dedicated team of teaching and non teaching staff are fully committed to providing the very best education possible for our children. We pride ourselves on being fully inclusive and have the ability to cater for any one who wishes to be part of our ‘Fishburn Family’.


As a school community we firmly believe that everyone can achieve their best and are committed to our ‘you can do it!’ ethos.


To find out more about our wonderful School please visit our website below.


Miss G Ferguson